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Reliable and Affordable
          Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed Air Dryers, Filters, Drains & Accessories


PREMIER Air Systems manufactures and supplies compressed air treatment equipment that is reliable to operate and affordable to purchase and install. Our products remove moisture and contaminants from compressed air so it can be used in manufacturing processes and pneumatic applications anywhere compressed air is used.

Our refrigerated air dryers are ideally suited to applications that require the air to be clean and dry, while our desiccant dryers are an affordable way to treat compressed air so it becomes nearly contaminant-free. Critical applications and those in extremely cold environments require this high level of air quality. Our compressed air filters protect air system components and pneumatic tools and processes while our drains and accessories help maintain air system functionality.

We have engineered our equipment to operate efficiently and provide consistent performance in air systems of any size and with any compressor type. All are simple to install and setup, operate automatically, and are shipped fully assembled from our factory.

We invite you to examine our entire line of affordable compressed air treatment equipment.

There is an affordable PREMIER model that is right for your application large or small!

Contact us for the name of the nearest PREMIER Air Systems distributor by calling: 800-220-7059